The outdoor pool and seating areas are integral with the building, with the architectural outline of the building complied with, and the 2800 m² floor area is designed down to the smallest detail as a whole.
A generous living, sports and social area will be provided for you and with an unobstructed view of the garden and pool, you and your children will enjoy a fun and healthy lifestyle.

A natural and warm image welcomes you to the exterior of the building, made up of white walls, protrusions and outriggers clad with natural-wood-effect materials and wrought-iron railings.
The wood-paneled projections use a continuous glass façade, creating an elegant ambience in addition to the simplicity; and a spacious interior is provided.
The images of flowerbeds and a combination of wrought-iron railings on the balconies look natural and modern.

With flexible planning, they offer you wide terraces that will meet all your needs, and an endless Mediterranean view from the top of the building.
All you have to do is enjoy your drinks and watch this unique landscape throughout your life.